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Chocolate Dessert with an Orange Twist

Indulge in this heavenly chocolate dessert with an orange twist while staying on Plan. How could you resist?! All it takes is a few ingredients, including our yummy Orange Water Flavouring.



  • Chocolate Chewy Bar
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Mix-a-Mousse
  • Orange Water Flavouring
  • Cocoa Powder


  1. Cut up half your Chocolate Chewy Bar into tiny pieces.
  2. Make up half your Chocolate Shake, Orange Water Flavouring and Mix-a-Mousse as per packet instructions.
  3. Place half of your Chocolate Chewy Bar pieces into the bottom of your ramekin or small dish.
  4. Pour half of your Mix-a-Mousse mix on top of the Chocolate Chewy Bar.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Sprinkle with a light dusting of cocoa powder.
  7. Set in fridge for 15 minutes and voila! Suitable on any Step.


Why not try this delicious recipe with the new Chocolate & Orange Chewy Bar for an extra orange flavour boost!

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