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Jaffa Cake Dessert

Jaffa Cake Dessert Hack on Plan? Don’t mind if we do!



  • Chocolate & Orange Fusion Bar
  • Chocolate Flavour Shake
  • Orange Water Flavouring
  • Mix-a-Mousse


  1. Create the jelly by mixing 1tsp Orange Water Flavouring and 2 tsp Mix-a-Mousse into 200ml water. Set in the fridge.
  2. Combine Chocolate Flavour Shake and 200ml of water then mix with 1 tsp Mix-a-Mousse. Pour the mixture on top of the jelly and let it set.
  3. Slice up the Chocolate & Orange Fusion Bar into small chunks and sprinkle on top of the dessert.
  4. Aaaaand Enjoy!
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